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The Cosmos

For over half a century human beings have been leaving the confines of Earth in order to reveal the mysteries of the universe and make life here at home a bit easier and in some cases, safer. We’ve stepped on the moon and brought back pieces of that desolate world. And after a few decades, we’re going back to that lonely lunar landscape to establish a permanent human presence on a body other than the Earth. We even have a huge telescope (Hubble) and a permanently manned outpost orbiting the planet (ISS).


It makes me extremely happy that we’ve decided to return to the moon and eventually step foot on mars. A whole new generation of astronomers and cosmologists, astro-biologists and physicists, has looked up at the sky once more and asked: What’s next. Our imaginations run wild with visions of human settlements on mars and it makes us think back to watching sci-fi films and reading stories by people like Mr. Issac Asimov. But we, as a species, have grown so much in our understanding of the universe and of ourselves that we’re starting to be able to turn that science fiction into reality.

Check out the below video. At the end he mentions that if everyone on the planet could witness the world from that perspective, the world would be a very different place.

This next vid really gets my blood pumping for astronomy.

This Vid is a musical remix of the show “Cosmos” by the great Carl Sagan. He was a role model of mine as I was growing up. The greatest cosmologist of the 20th century.



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